Meet the Owner - Jeremy!

Seven years ago, I embarked on a journey with my brother, supporting his BBQ establishment while dreaming of starting my own. Witnessing the joy on people's faces and hearing them express their love for our food became a constant source of inspiration. But let's rewind further back to my childhood. My parents owned a business for over 30 years, and I remember being involved from a very young age. As I grew older, I continued working in the service industry, honing my skills and developing a deep passion for it.

After my siblings and I had grown up and moved away, my parents decided to sell their business. Around the same time, my oldest brother opened his own BBQ establishment. Working alongside him at the age of 21, I realized that this was the career path I wanted to pursue. The combination of my love for the craft and the positive response from customers felt natural and fulfilling. I dedicated myself to learning every aspect of the business, aspiring to be as successful and hardworking as my brother, while carrying on the drive, passion, and heart instilled in me by my parents.

Finally, the day arrived when I established Smoke Point BBQ. It fills me with excitement to have my own BBQ business and continue the legacy of a family-owned enterprise that has brought so much joy and satisfaction to people's lives. What excites me the most about owning a business is the opportunity to make people happy and build relationships within the Treasure Valley community. I am eager to grow alongside the people here and contribute to the region's vibrancy.
Let's embark on this smoking journey together!

  •                    - Jeremy

Our Finger-Lickin' Good Reviews


"Excellent BBQ! Loved the sides - Mac n cheese and the beans. Homemade sauces were a home run."

- Trevor G.


"Moist, juicy mouth watering brisket there! I highly recommend it!"

- Rob L.


"Everything we got was so good! I can't wait to try the other items on the menu. We will definitely be back."

- Chelsea A.

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